Sunday, April 3, 2016

21 weeks

Dear Anna Elizabeth,
Today is General Conference.  I have been able to feel you move for about 2 weeks, but today you are playing acrobat.  As I sit and listen to church leaders, you are making your presence rather known. Every time President Uchtdorf speaks you turn flips.  I like him too, so apparently you have good taste!  I've been very sick this week.  It started as being very achy which I attributed to you.  I woke up Tuesday with a headache and scratchy throat.  I went to work for an hour and a half, then came home and slept.  When I woke up the achy feeling was gone, but I woke up Wednesday with headache, sore throat, and earache.  I called the doc and he called in a prescription for my ear and told me to get over the counter cold medicine.  I worked for 4 hours, then came home.  Thursday I woke up so dizzy I called out of work.  Friday was the same.  Finally Saturday I woke up feeling somewhat normal, so I picked up Dalynne and spent conference Saturday with Grandma, working on your sensory quilt.  We've decided instead of doing a wrap you up quilt, we're making a floor quilt, that you can practice tummy time, while being entertained by lots of different textures, and sensory activities.  It's been fun to choose blocks that will hold your attention and to find material that is fun to touch and look at.  It's going to be very different from anything we've made before, but that's most of the fun.  I don't like the ordinary.  I went with Aunt Nicole to register at Babies R Us for things for you.  We've also registered at Target and decided to stay in our apartment instead of finding a house right now.  While thinking about how to make our small space work, we've figured out how we can rearrange Dalynne's room so you can share.  We're going to decorate with flamingos.  I have found so many cute decorations and things that will help us get the theme across.  If it turns out the way I'm imagining, it will be a fun place for you to live.  Well, I think that about sums up the last little bit.  We are getting more and more excited to meet you everyday.  Please stay where you are safe and sound for another 18 or so weeks!  You are growing just right and doing so well.  I love you Lizzie!  Love, Mom

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