Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's a girl!

Dear Anna Elizabeth,
This week we learned that you are a girl and we are thrilled. Last night we threw a gender reveal to let our families and friends know. It was a lot of fun. Now knowing that you are a girl, we can start registering for things and getting ready for your arrival. Aunt Nicole keeps asking what we have so far and the truth is, not much. We've found the car seat we want and we're considering some other things, but we haven't done much to get ready for you yet. We have 21 weeks still so I'm not freaking out yet but we need to start.
On a personal note, I have been waiting for you my whole adult life. I have dreamed my first baby would be a girl for 20 years. Little did I know I'd have to wait this long for your arrival. So very little in my life has gone according to "plan". I hope that you and I are always close. I hope that we will always strive to be a close knit family. I hope that you are close to your sister Dalynne. I hope that we have lots of love for each other and Heavenly Father. I hope the spirit will always be in our home. I love you Lizzie! I can't wait to meet you. Love Mom.

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Okie said...

Congratulations! Super exciting. :)