Sunday, February 24, 2013

Busy busy busy

What do you get when you cross one very busy person with a boyfriend and a wedding to plan?  One VERY busy gal!!  We are feverishly trying to get everything planned and done and out of the way so that all of the rest of the 187 days till the wedding can be stress free (Ha ha, have you met me??) and it is crazy how much goes into this.  For those of you who feel like I've dropped off the face of the earth, you are correct!  Between work and wedding and spending time with my sweetie, I 'm not around much anymore.  It's funny to me how little time I have these days.  It's even funnier to me how little of that time I desire being away from Allen.  The time I have to spend at work is enough, thank you, to the point that when I'm not at work, it takes all my effort to want to be with anyone besides him.  My mom and I agreed in December that we'd get together every Wednesday and hang out and more often than not, Allen gets invited so I'll go.  It's all I can do to allow him time with his friends, which is only hard for them, because he also wants to be with me every chance we get.  We're that pathetic dating couple that wants to be left alone!!  Sorry everyone!  In the meantime, plans are coming along really well. Allen was ordained a priest 2 weeks ago and his Bishop is all about moving forward.  We are very happy and excited to continue on with our plans and have already made our appointment with the temple.  I spoke to my mission president who is a sealer at the Salt Lake Temple and he agreed to be there for us.  It's amazing to me how well everything is falling into place.  It's just another testimony to me that this is right.


Hay and J said...

What! Your getting married! Congrats love! I want to see a picture of this guy! He better be good to you! You deserve the best! Congrats!! P.s. did you know I'm 7 months pregnant with a boy!

Nicole said...

I am just SO happy for you, sweet lady! I remember on each of our meet-ups just how positive and full of faith you are--God has truly blessed you. Sending huge hugs!